Few queries regarding waypoint


I’m new with waypoint and exploring it for CI/CD. I deployed it on my work station where I have docker and it works fine. I got few queries, Let me ask here so I can clear my doubts.

  1. can we build multiple aaps - for example , currently we use docker-compose to build front end and backend with DB and then it got connectivity and require ports exposes and volume and it works simply by docker-compose up , can we do similar kind of logic in waypoint for deployment / release section?

  2. do we require to create seperate server for different platforms, i mean docker , kubernetes, EC2 ? i deployed under docker and it works but when i changed deployment to kubernetes in waypoint.hcl file, it is giving below error

    $ waypoint init
    ✓ Configuration file appears valid
    :x: Failed to initialize client for Waypoint server.

    ! The Waypoint client validation step validates that we can connect to the
    configured Waypoint server. If this is a local-only operation (no Waypoint
    server is configured), then we validate that we can initialize local writes.
    The error for this failure is shown below.

    ! context deadline exceeded
    ! Project had errors during initialization.
    Waypoint experienced some errors during project initialization. The output
    above should contain the failure messages. Please correct these errors and
    run ‘waypoint init’ again.

    $ k get nodes
    minikube Ready control-plane,master 5d12h v1.20.0

And after that when i tried to install it as -platform=kubernetes, it stucks at

$ waypoint install -platform=kubernetes -accept-tos
✓ Creating Kubernetes resources...
✓ Creating Kubernetes resources...
✓ Creating Kubernetes resources...
✓ Creating Kubernetes resources...
✓ Creating Kubernetes resources...
✓ Creating Kubernetes resources...
✓ Creating Kubernetes resources...
✓ Kubernetes StatefulSet reporting ready

I know the installation stucks at

Waiting for Kubernetes service to become ready...

if your minikube installation has no load balancer like metallb. Is your statefulset created and it stucks at the service?

Maybe this could help you out:

Thanks, it is working now. can we make changes in waypoint installation so while setup, it allows to modify parameter as per requirements.

Is waypoint ready for production use or still it is in early days?

Good questions for @mitchellh :wink:

The project is still early so just understand that risk whenever using Waypoint in production. That being said, we do strive to make Waypoint production ready, limit breaking changes, etc.

Thanks @mitchellh - just for info, are you guys using waypoint for hashicorp internal stacks and other products - CI/CD things…? it helps to make decision … :wink:

I can’t speak for HashiCorp internally, but I think you shouldn’t choose software based on whether another company approves it. :wink:
It is best to choose 3 to 5 products, test them and see what suits you best.

Not for production workloads yet (as far as I know), but testing it for a few things. We’re still short some features we need and are on the roadmap.