Waypoint and django and celery with docker

I am investigating how to to use Waypoint and docker compose cluster which has django and celery and celerybeat. I am a little confused as I dont see anyway to specify docker compose files. Waypoint seems to be only using Dockerfile. Am I missing something obvious?
How would I be able to deploy a docker compose multi container set with waypoint?

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Sorry for the late reply. You may be able to use the exec-plugin (see example using k8s that could be adapted to docker compose).

The challenge may be that the build phase may only make one app container. So I think it depends on whether you are building a single app container or multiple. If several containers will be changing, then this may not be supportable with Waypoint 0.1.x yet.

Thanks. Yep so the basic system that we have is a Django app with celery. So we would need to launch a cluster with multiple django backends and multiple celery workers.