Deploy GCP Cloud functions to Artifact Registry using Terraform

I am trying to deploy cloud function to artifact registry instead of container registry using Terraform.

I have created an artifact repository in GCP and Using the google-beta provider. But I am not able to understand where to mention “docker-registry” path(path for artifact registry)

Following in my main tf file’s create CF:- I have added a parameter called docker-repository(this doesn’t exist in terraform) based on Google docs But looks like this parameter doesn’t exist in terraform and is giving me errors.

resource "google_cloudfunctions_function" "appConfigService" {
  provider              = google-beta
  name                  = local.function_names.appConfigService
  description           = "helloWorld"
  runtime               = var.cf_node_run_time
  available_memory_mb   = var.cf_memory
  source_archive_bucket = local.deployment_bucket
  source_archive_object =
  entry_point           = "helloWorld"
  service_account_email = var.default_service_account[var.environment]
  trigger_http          = true
  docker-repository     ="<artifact registry path>" //This is wrong


I am not able to find any documentation on this anywhere. Please let me know the correct way of deploying Cloud functions to artifact repository using terraform.