Design | Consul + Docker

Hi HashiCorp,

We as a company have started to move to Microservice architecture.
There a couple of basic questions I have, and I am trying to look for answers.


  • We have 3 docker based microservices instances (each with --scale=5) [these are in nw_service docker network]
  • There is 1 consul server running in Dev mode (docker instance with nw_consul)
  • There is a Redis server (docker in a nw_redis network)
  • Running the above setup on windows server 2019
  • network driver is nat

The expectation:

  • Each service should register with the consul instance with it’s accessible IP
  • When Service 1 calls Redis instance, it should call as named instance “redis.service.consul” or when Service 2 calls Service 1, it should be http://service1

please guide on the setup details.

Thank you in advance.