Device Driver versioning and compatibility with Nomad Versioning


I’m currently doing a round of updates on the USB Device Plugin (long overdue I know), however have run into a question on what versions of Nomad that the plugin is able to support.

The v0.2.0 of the usb device plugin supported Nomad 0.9+ (mostly due to that being set in the Nomad Skeleton Device Plugin), however, during this round of updates I had also updated the Nomad dependency to use Nomad 1.3.1 which is where my question is. Am I still able to support Nomad 0.9 onwards as it seems that the device driver API has not had its version updated from the initial v0.1.0 released with Nomad 0.9


Hi @CarbonCollins! Indeed there hasn’t been much innovation happening in Nomad’s device driver API - I wouldn’t expect any breakage since 0.9.

There maybe something interesting around cgroups v2 which Nomad v1.3 now supports - but that’d be specific to whatever the driver is doing.


The cgroups stuff might be something I will need to try out then :slight_smile:

For now though the readme in the driver is still correct!