Difference between different network/port attributes in allocation response

Hey there,

I am consuming the nomad API at the nomad/v1/allocation/<id> endpoint. The response contains:

  • TaskGroups/Networks/DynamicPorts
  • Resources/Networks/DynamicPorts
  • SharedResources/Networks/DynamicPorts
  • TaskResources/Networks (null, also the cli tells that networking on task level seems to be bepricated)
  • AllocatedResources/Tasks/Networks (probably same as above?)
  • AllocatedResources/Shared/Networks/DynamicPorts
  • AllocatedResources/Shared/Ports

My question is which one I should use and how I could get the IP/Port of a dedicated task?

With simple network configurations the network stance on task level seems to work besides the deprecation warning and returns the network on a task level. When using eg. bridge mode this already seems to cause trouble.

I am fine with using the network stanza on a group level and a port mapping on a task level, but how could I get the network/ports per task then?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: