Disable pki error

We have an ‘old’ (1.0.1) vault server running atop on kubernetes clusters.
This clusters uses GCS as backend.

Today we try to disable an pki, vault cli shows up error an timeout but when we try to delete it again, an error on vault is displayed

2020-06-09T13:39:28.952Z [ERROR] core: failed to clear view for path being unmounted: error="failed to delete key "logical/abd9afcd-5a88-b4b0-f83d-eb603499ad8f/certs/4d-17-b0-32-76-73-5d-94-85-be-2b-5e-6f-92-47-a3-f4-19-b7-6b": context canceled" path=pki/k8s.southamerica-east1.gcp.tks.sh/tc64871/kubernetes/
2020-06-09T13:39:28.952Z [ERROR] secrets.system.system_5a1fa70e: unmount failed: path=pki/k8s.southamerica-east1.gcp.tks.sh/tc64871/kubernetes/ error="failed to delete key "logical/abd9afcd-5a88-b4b0-f83d-eb603499ad8f/certs/4d-17-b0-32-76-73-5d-94-85-be-2b-5e-6f-92-47-a3-f4-19-b7-6b": context canceled"

Others pki, we are abble to disable, but this not.
Another thing I have noted, this path does not exists on GCS. Seems it was deleted and a kind of “metadata” keeps on vault.