Disconnected from hub

Since lately I’m seeing a lot of error logging when deploying my apps using Waypoint:

2021-06-09T14:24:34.491Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.url.agent: connecting to hub: addr=
2021-06-09T14:24:34.648Z [WARN]  entrypoint.url.agent: disconnected from hub: error="dial tcp connect: connection refused" addr=
2021-06-09T14:24:34.648Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.url.agent: delaying before reconnecting to same hub: addr=

It seems like the selected IP address ( is invalid and is in fact serving a different kind of website.


Thanks for letting us know! When you say “is in fact serving a different kind of website” do you mean that your deployment URL takes you somewhere else entirely?
I can recreate the logs warnings, but my deployment URL works as expected, running CLI and server 0.4.0.

Hi @krantzinator,

My deployment URLs work as expected too, but if I open a browser pointing directly to the mentioned IP address, I’m seeing a website not related to HashiCorp or my own applications.

Hey @jsiebens sorry for the delay here – can you let me know your Waypoint setup so I can work to recreate? This sounds odd.
Where is your server installed?
Can you share a waypoint.hcl file?
What version are you running?

Thank you!

Hey, I searched for this IP and was surprised to find another Waypoint user with it their logs! I’m seeing it in the logs of all four applications in this waypoint.hcl file. The hosting is AWS EC2.

We are back on version 0.4 :upside_down_face:

If it’s helpful to know, it looks like it shows every ≈10s for however many instances of the application there are.

(also: hi :laughing:)

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Hi @backspace :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Are you able to upgrade the server+cli and see if this persists? Current released version is 0.6.3.

it’ll probably be a while before we can try that but I’ll update here if it helps when we get to it :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thanks! I’ll see if I can reproduce it later too. It sounds like it must be a default setting somewhere, so I’m not sure why I wasn’t able to recreate it initially.