Disconnected from hub

Since lately I’m seeing a lot of error logging when deploying my apps using Waypoint:

2021-06-09T14:24:34.491Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.url.agent: connecting to hub: addr=
2021-06-09T14:24:34.648Z [WARN]  entrypoint.url.agent: disconnected from hub: error="dial tcp connect: connection refused" addr=
2021-06-09T14:24:34.648Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.url.agent: delaying before reconnecting to same hub: addr=

It seems like the selected IP address ( is invalid and is in fact serving a different kind of website.


Thanks for letting us know! When you say “is in fact serving a different kind of website” do you mean that your deployment URL takes you somewhere else entirely?
I can recreate the logs warnings, but my deployment URL works as expected, running CLI and server 0.4.0.

Hi @krantzinator,

My deployment URLs work as expected too, but if I open a browser pointing directly to the mentioned IP address, I’m seeing a website not related to HashiCorp or my own applications.