Deploy to nomad cluster with waypoint (nomad_host issues -> connection refused)

I try to deploy the waypoint-examples app “nodejs” into a remote nomad cluster (hetzner cloud server). Although I can successfully install the waypoint server and runner on the nomad cluster, I can’t set the correct nomad remote address for the deployment.

waypoint up and waypoint deploy results in the following issue:

**» Building example-nodejs…**
Creating new buildpack-based image using builder: heroku/buildpacks:20
✓ Creating pack client
✓ Building image
 │ [exporter] Reusing layer 'process-types'
 │ [exporter] Adding label 'io.buildpacks.lifecycle.metadata'
 │ [exporter] Adding label ''
 │ [exporter] Adding label 'io.buildpacks.project.metadata'
 │ [exporter] Setting default process type 'web'
 │ [exporter] Saving example-nodejs...
 │ [exporter] *** Images (86f6c6c42acb):
 │ [exporter]       example-nodejs
 │ [exporter] Reusing cache layer 'heroku/nodejs-engine:nodejs'
 │ [exporter] Reusing cache layer 'heroku/nodejs-engine:toolbox'
✓ Injecting entrypoint binary to image

Generated new Docker image: example-nodejs:latest
✓ Tagging Docker image: example-nodejs:latest => nodejs-example:1
✓ Docker image pushed: nodejs-example:1

**» Deploying example-nodejs…**

! 2 errors occurred:
  	* Get "":
  dial tcp connect: connection refused
  	* Error during rollback: Delete "":
  dial tcp connect: connection refused

Instead of it should be

I set the nomad remote address in 2 different places:

  1. Local environment: echo $NOMAD_ADDR
  1. When installing waypoint in nomad using the “-nomad-host” parameter:
waypoint install -platform=nomad -accept-tos -nomad-host-volume=waypointdata -nomad-host=

What is the correct place to set the remote address for nomad? (In my case

did you ever get this figured out?

Sadly no…

This was my workaround:
Build the docker images locally and deploy them to a private docker registry in the cluster. In a second step I would run a nomad job to pull the image and run the application. The credentials for the private docker registry could be loaded from vault.

NOTE: You might also want to update your docker image,location, and remove the local configuration if you plan to run this application on an external Nomad cluster. The current example uses a local based image.

I saw this note but still have not figured it out