How to configure to deploy to a nomad cluster

I’ve setup waypoint on a VM (not on a cluster, not using docker) and I’d like to point it at our nomad cluster so I can deploy jobs to it. However, I can’t find any documentation on how to set config such as the hostnames of the nodes or the auth token.

Anyone able to point me in the right direction?

Note this isn’t for running waypoint on the cluster or running a runner on the cluster, it is just to submit a nomad-jobspec deploy to be handled by the cluster.

@robertg Can you give us some additional information about what you mean around setting the hostname for nodes? Did you setup Waypoint Server and its runners inside a virtual machine and you’re trying to set the IP of your Nomad cluster so the server and runners can reach nomad out from your vm?

Hi @briancain. Yes, as you describe. I didn’t want waypoint itself running on our production nomad cluster so it is installed directly on a ‘normal’ ubuntu vm in a different subnet (and different security zone). But I still want to be able to use waypoint to submit jobs to Nomad (using a ‘deploy-only’ token) and as I don’t believe in magic I’m guessing I need to tell waypoint a few things about our Nomad cluster such as where it is and which token to use when talking to it.

That makes sense. You’ll want to configure your runners to set the Nomad IP and token via waypoint config set -runner: Commands: Config set | Waypoint by HashiCorp. I believe you’ll need to set the correct ENV Var that Nomad expects when submitting jobs via the Nomad API: Environment - Runtime | Nomad by HashiCorp. Let us know if that’s what you were looking for, thank you @robertg !