Deploying Waypoint using a nomad jobspec

Has anyone had success with deploying waypoint server itself as a nomad job? I mean by using the official waypoint image and a hand-submitted nomad job file that effectively triggers the waypoint server run command?

I can’t see why this wouldn’t work and I’d prefer to do it this way so I can align the deploy of waypoint itself with all our other services - things like consul tags, fabio routing config, datadog etc.

The area that I think I’m least clear on is the registration of consul services. I guess 2 services should be registered - one for http and the ui, the other for gRPC. But services need health checks and there’s no docs on health check endpoints. I also wonder if the services should have specific names or tags so they can be automatically discovered by remote runners.

Any thoughts, anyone?

I did and seems to work fine. But server run has much less flags.
Nothing like like nomad-runner-memory etc. But havent looked into it too much.

See “manually running the server” Running a Server | Waypoint | HashiCorp Developer