Nomad service configuration


I’m a the middle of an experimentation process where my end goal is a tiny nomad cluster using consul and fabio for service discovery and routing where I can deploy using waypoint.

Everything else seems to fit together except I can’t find any resources on how to describe a nomad service stanza in waypoint, or anything like the release stanza that is afforded to kubernetes. My expectation is once the waypoint configuration is converted into a job it would automatically register my new service with consul and have the new route available with fabio(or HAProxy)

Am I missing something? If so could someone point me to the right resources? And if not. Is it a planned feature? And when does it become available?

Are you asking if you can define this service stanza via waypoint?

Yes something like that. Given the equivalent seems very trivial when it comes to Kubernetes.

I see you found this issue :slight_smile: plugins/nomad:add an option to pass a service stanza · Issue #567 · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub
This may also be helpful Nomad Plugin - allow specification of an hcl file · Issue #516 · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub

It seems I’m gonna ve hanging around that one to see whay comes out of it. :blush: