Automating the installation of Waypoint with Nomad/Terraform

I am setting up a Nomad/Terraform cluster (along with Consul and Vault). I recently learned about Waypoint. I have been reading the docs and playing with installing it. When I run the install command, it appears to install itself as a typical Nomad job in my cluster.

I am wondering if I can just write a Nomad job (or nomad-pack) and use that to do an automated nomad job run (or nomad-pack run) to install Waypoint. It appears to be able to run as just another service on Nomad along with all my other services/applications.

I decided to just dive in and see if it would work. I was able to setup a nomad-pack for the Waypoint server. It runs just fine on my Nomad cluster. However, once it is running it wants me to bootstrap it. So now I am trying to figure out the best way to automate the bootstrapping command:

waypoint server bootstrap -server-addr=[::]:9701 -server-tls-skip-verify

I could build my own Docker image using the current image, but I would rather not take that dependancy. Perhaps an RPC from a sidecar task…

I had the idea that maybe I could just do a waypoint install in a nomad-pack script. I

./waypoint install

This was the result:

-> Initializing Nomad client...
-> Checking for existing Waypoint server...
! Error installing server into nomad: Unexpected response code: 403 (Permission denied)

The waypoint install method was doomed from the beginning. :slight_smile:

So I went back to manually running the server and trying to bootstrap it. Here is the task portion of my current nomad-pack:

    task "test" {
      driver = "exec"
      config {
        command = "/bin/sh"
        args    = ["${NOMAD_TASK_DIR}/"]

      restart {
        attempts = 0

      volume_mount {
      	volume = "waypoint-volume"
      	destination = "/data"

      resources {
      	cpu    = 200
      	memory = 600

      template {
        destination = "${NOMAD_TASK_DIR}/"
        perms       = "644"
        data        = <<EOF

          curl -Ls[[ .waypoint_server.version ]]/waypoint_[[ .waypoint_server.version ]] -o
          unzip -n
          ./waypoint server run -accept-tos -vv -db=/alloc/data/data.db -listen-grpc={{ env "NOMAD_PORT_server" }} -listen-http={{ env "NOMAD_PORT_ui" }} &
          ./waypoint server bootstrap -server-addr=[::]:{{ env "NOMAD_PORT_server" }} -server-tls-skip-verify

After trying to run this in Nomad, the stdout log file shows this:

  inflating: waypoint                

» Server configuration:

             DB Path: /alloc/data/data.db
        gRPC Address: [::]:9701
        HTTP Address: [::]:9702
       Auth Required: yes
  Browser UI Enabled: yes
         URL Service: (account: guest)

» Server requires bootstrapping!

  New servers must be bootstrapped to retrieve the initial auth token for
  connections. To bootstrap this server, run the following command in your
  terminal once the server is up and running.
    waypoint server bootstrap -server-addr=[::]:9701 -server-tls-skip-verify
  This command will bootstrap the server and setup a CLI context.

» Server logs:


The stderr log file shows this:

2021-12-31T15:16:06.570Z [INFO]  waypoint: waypoint version: full_string="v0.6.3 (bd303e12)" version=v0.6.3 prerelease="" metadata="" revision=bd303e12
2021-12-31T15:16:06.572Z [DEBUG] waypoint: home configuration directory: path=/nonexistent/.config/waypoint
2021-12-31T15:16:06.572Z [INFO]  waypoint.server: opening DB: path=/alloc/data/data.db
2021-12-31T15:16:06.575Z [DEBUG] waypoint.server.singleprocess: checking if DB restore is requested
2021-12-31T15:16:06.575Z [DEBUG] waypoint.server.singleprocess: no restore file found, no DB restore requested
2021-12-31T15:16:06.582Z [DEBUG] waypoint.server.singleprocess.url_service: API token not set in config, initializing guest account
2021-12-31T15:16:06.582Z [DEBUG] waypoint.server.singleprocess.url_service: connecting to URL service to retrieve guest token: tls=true
2021-12-31T15:16:06.583Z [DEBUG] waypoint.server.singleprocess.url_service: waiting on server connection state to become ready
2021-12-31T15:16:06.706Z [DEBUG] waypoint.server.singleprocess.url_service: connection is ready
2021-12-31T15:16:06.826Z [DEBUG] waypoint.server.singleprocess.url_service: connection is ready
2021-12-31T15:16:06.826Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.singleprocess.url_service: URL service client successfully initialized
2021-12-31T15:16:06.826Z [DEBUG] waypoint.server.grpc: starting listener: addr=
2021-12-31T15:16:06.826Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.singleprocess.poll_queuer.application_statusreport: starting
2021-12-31T15:16:06.827Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.singleprocess.prune: starting
2021-12-31T15:16:06.826Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.singleprocess.poll_queuer.project: starting
2021-12-31T15:16:06.827Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.grpc: TLS cert wasn't specified, a self-signed certificate will be created
2021-12-31T15:16:06.861Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.grpc: listener is wrapped with TLS
2021-12-31T15:16:06.861Z [DEBUG] waypoint.server.http: starting listener: addr=
2021-12-31T15:16:06.862Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.http: TLS cert wasn't specified, a self-signed certificate will be created
2021-12-31T15:16:06.908Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.http: listener is wrapped with TLS
2021-12-31T15:16:06.908Z [INFO]  waypoint.server: starting built-in server: addr=[::]:9701
2021-12-31T15:16:06.908Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.http: starting HTTP server: ln=[::]:9702 addr=[::]:9702
2021-12-31T15:16:06.908Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.grpc: starting gRPC server: addr=[::]:9701
2021-12-31T15:16:07.605Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.grpc: /hashicorp.waypoint.Waypoint/GetVersionInfo request
2021-12-31T15:16:07.605Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.grpc: /hashicorp.waypoint.Waypoint/GetVersionInfo response: error=<nil> duration=59.838µs
2021-12-31T15:16:07.616Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.grpc: /hashicorp.waypoint.Waypoint/BootstrapToken request
2021-12-31T15:16:07.620Z [INFO]  waypoint.server.grpc: /hashicorp.waypoint.Waypoint/BootstrapToken response: error=<nil> duration=4.407082ms

I am making progress. I now have the Waypoint server installed automatically with a nomad-pack, in a remote Nomad cluster. It also runs the bootstrap automatically. In order to test that it is working remotely, I am setting up a context on my local machine:

$ waypoint context create

Then trying to get the status:

$ waypoint status -vvv
2022-01-04T17:24:41.360-0700 [INFO]  waypoint: waypoint version: full_string="v0.6.3 (bd303e12)" version=v0.6.3 prerelease="" metadata="" revision=bd303e12
2022-01-04T17:24:41.360-0700 [TRACE] waypoint: starting interrupt listener for context cancellation
2022-01-04T17:24:41.360-0700 [TRACE] waypoint: interrupt listener goroutine started
2022-01-04T17:24:41.360-0700 [DEBUG] waypoint: home configuration directory: path=/Users/sunsparc/Library/Preferences/waypoint
2022-01-04T17:24:41.361-0700 [TRACE] waypoint: no API client provided, initializing connection if possible
2022-01-04T17:24:41.361-0700 [TRACE] waypoint.server: WithLocal set, server credentials optional
2022-01-04T17:24:41.361-0700 [INFO]  waypoint.server: attempting to source credentials and connect
2022-01-04T17:24:41.362-0700 [DEBUG] waypoint.serverclient: connection information: tls=true tls_skip_verify=false send_auth=true has_token=true
2022-01-04T17:24:41.749-0700 [DEBUG] waypoint.server: connection established with sourced credentials
2022-01-04T17:24:41.749-0700 [TRACE] waypoint: requesting version info from server
2022-01-04T17:24:41.801-0700 [ERROR] waypoint: failed to create client: error="rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = stream terminated by RST_STREAM with error code: REFUSED_STREAM"
! failed to create client: rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = stream terminated by RST_STREAM with error code: REFUSED_STREAM
2022-01-04T17:24:41.802-0700 [TRACE] waypoint: stopping signal listeners and cancelling the context

According to the debug logs, it says it is actually getting a connection established.

I am not sure this is a bug, so I did not want to post it as a Waypoint issue. My guess is that I have something configured incorrectly. The error appears to be rpc related. A search mentions the same error in connection with grpc.

I am not sure where to look. Any ideas? :smiley:

Hi @SunSparc!

I’m guessing the issue here is getting the address/dns name of the server out of the nomad cluster after it starts. For a more stable setup, you likely need to use at minimum the consul service DNS name to contact the server. For a quick and unstable setup, you can use the direct allocation address.

In the last example you have, you have as the server address. It’s here that you’d put the consul service DNS for the waypoint server. Note that for the consul service DNS to work though, your client has to have consul setup as a valid DNS server as well.


@evanphx, yes, that was the problem. I had Waypoint installed behind a proxy (HAProxy) and there were some configurations that the Waypoint server required that I was not correctly passing. I decided to skip using the proxy and setup Waypoint to be accessed directly and it is now working. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The next step in automating the Waypoint installation in my Nomad cluster is figuring out how to define “Waypoint Projects” for all of the repositories that my companies have.

I already have the waypoint server bootstrap command running as a poststart task on the Waypoint job in Nomad. Perhaps I can just expand the script to loop through a set of pre-defined waypoint.hcl files after the bootstrap is complete. Seems a bit kludgy to do it this way. Any other ideas are welcome.