Unable to install Waypoint server in nomad


I’ve installed both nomad and consul in GCP using this repo as reference GitHub - hashicorp/terraform-google-nomad: A Terraform Module for how to run Nomad on Google Cloud using Terraform and Packer, both nomad and consul are in separate clusters and seems to be working well. However, i came across with this error when trying to install waypoint server in nomad

waypoint-server 1 unplaced
Constraint missing compatible host volumes filtered 1 node

I ran the following command to install waypoint server

waypoint install -platform=nomad -accept-tos -nomad-host-volume=waypoint -nomad-consul-service=true -nomad-dc=us-central1-c

How does this " -nomad-host-volume" flag works? is there any alternative for data persistence? do i need to make changes in my nomad clients?

Hi @matheus! Thanks for using Nomad.

Based on this Waypoint tutorial, it looks like it’s a hard requirement.

You can find more information about configuring Stateful Workloads on Nomad here. Hope that helps!