Waypoint install on nomad fails with "missing drivers"


I have an issue that I’m not sure if I have done something wrong or if there is a bug, but when executing waypoint install against a nomad cluster on GCP, nomad fails the job with " * Constraint missing drivers filtered 1 node"

The cluster was setup using this github project.

Waypoint was installed using.

waypoint install \
 -platform=nomad \
 -accept-tos \
 -nomad-host-volume=potato \

In nomad, I can then see:

For some extra information

> waypoint version
CLI: v0.6.2 (99350730)

> go version
go1.17.2 darwin/arm64

Our components use the docker driver, so you need to be sure that docker is installed on the various systems.

thanks @evanphx! now I started having an issue with the volume instead, but one step forward :slight_smile: