Constraint "missing drivers": 1 nodes excluded by filter in windows

Hi All, I am starting the Nomad in my windows Laptop and I am getting the following error

Constraint "missing drivers": 1 nodes excluded by filter

I can see docker desktop running and its running in WSL/Linux mode. I found we need to switch to windows. Is that still a requirement

Hi @satish860,

The Nomad client agent isn’t able to fingerprinter and thus find Docker running, meaning it cannot run jobs of that driver type. The resolution depends on the setup and configuration you’re using, as well as the permissions each applications is being run with. If you could provide more details about how Nomad and Docker are running, that would be useful.

jrasell and the Nomad team

Thanks, @jrasell. I am running the intro tutorial on Nomad. I’m using Windows 11 and the Docker desktop. I have used Chocolatey to set up a nomad in the 1.2.3 and docker version is 1.20