Agent dev - missing drivers


I am trying to run any job with the dev mode.

Unfortunately I get:

* Constraint "missing drivers": 1 nodes excluded by filter
    2023-04-22T18:35:26+02:00: Evaluation "ba146b3b-bef4-7639-32a1-82a50284c6d7" waiting for additional capacity to place remainder

I am unable to identify the problem:

  • My user is part of the docker group
  • I tried rebooting
  • I even reinstalled nomad

I am unable to know where to start. The logs (terminal output) don’t seem help me much.

Thank you very much in advance for any help.

Hi @bigfoot_arch sorry you’re having trouble getting started.

Can you post the job spec you’re trying to run?

And can you post the output of nomad node status -self -verbose ?

This will help see what you’re trying to run, vs. what drivers Nomad is able to detect.


Thank you for your quick reply and sorry for my late one.

After hours of digging I finally found my answer in the logs. Indeed, in the terminal output of nomad agent -dev there was a log indicating the health of the docker driver.

Thank you for your precious help.