New User on Windows attempting to run example.nomad

Hi, I am following the Nomad tutorial on my Windows 10 laptop. Encountering issue running the example job. “Missing drivers” looks bad.
I do have docker desktop installed and it is working. No issues running containers on it. I did shutdown nomad agent and and restart docker desktop and then started the agent again. Did not help.
Tutorial page I am on:

Any advice?

PS C:\work\containerization\nomad> nomad job run .\example.nomad
==> Monitoring evaluation “f3dc3a0d”
Evaluation triggered by job “example”
Evaluation within deployment: “5a24e750”
Evaluation status changed: “pending” -> “complete”
==> Evaluation “f3dc3a0d” finished with status “complete” but failed to place all allocations:
Task Group “cache” (failed to place 1 allocation):
* Constraint “missing drivers”: 1 nodes excluded by filter
Evaluation “a3fbd5a5” waiting for additional capacity to place remainder

PS C:\work\containerization\nomad> nomad status example
ID = example
Name = example
Submit Date = 2020-06-26T09:33:52-04:00
Type = service
Priority = 50
Datacenters = dc1
Namespace = default
Status = pending
Periodic = false
Parameterized = false

Task Group Queued Starting Running Failed Complete Lost
cache 1 0 0 0 0 0

Placement Failure
Task Group “cache”:

  • Constraint “missing drivers”: 1 nodes excluded by filter

Latest Deployment
ID = 5a24e750
Status = running
Description = Deployment is running

Task Group Desired Placed Healthy Unhealthy Progress Deadline
cache 1 0 0 0 N/A

No allocations placed

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Having the same issue on Windows :slight_smile: