Failed to create container

Hi, I have a nomad cluster that organized one server (win10 ent) and one client(win10 ent).
I create example job. (aka> nomad job init).
But job failed to running.

fail reason is “failed to create container: API error (500): invalid volume specification: ‘c:\Nomad\alloc\6a4d7ff0-f630-2980-002d-15976f82d5d0\alloc:c:\alloc’”

Server and client also set up “-data-dir” when run nomad agent.

I don’t know why job running failed.

Plz help me.

What I suggest is to try the minimal (short) redis example, using nomad job init -short ?

Not sure if your Windows will be able to handle the Linux containers, for that, you could try and modify the docker task to an exec/raw_exec task.

Other than this, I can let someone from HashiCorp pitch in with ‘Containers on Windows’ specific, not too familiar with those myself! :smile:

Hi @damonkim-83, can you share the Nomad client node configuration you’re using? I’m working on improving our Windows support story (see and but it might help if we had some more examples of real-life configs. Alternately, you might want to open a GitHub issue with your configurations.

client node configuration was just “nomad agent -client -servers=my_test_server:4647 -data-dir=c:\nomad”, it was nothing special configured.
But I solved this problem. reason was that i created linux container in windows base host.
sorry, problem was just so simple…
thank you for @tgross replyed.