Do I need a bridged network on the Nomad Host?

Probably a dumb question… But worked through the basic cluster setup tutorial ( Install Nomad | Nomad | HashiCorp Developer)) and it mentioned that on the host PC (or VM)

Nomad uses CNI plugins to configure network namespaces when using the bridge network mode. All Linux Nomad client nodes using network namespaces must have CNI plugins installed.

Ensure your Linux operating system distribution has been configured to allow container traffic through the bridge network to be routed via iptables. These tunables can be set as follows.

Does this mean a host network bridge is necessary or is it just if you have a host network bridge you need to set the referenced tunables?


nb. Using Consul for service discover if that relevant.

If you’re using Consul Connect (the service mesh offering) then bridge-mode networking is required (as it is necessary for securing the connection between Envoy proxies and your application).

Otherwise, if you’re only interested in service discovery and aren’t interested in using network.mode = "bridge" then you don’t need to worry about configuring your Client for bridge mode.

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Thanks! Good to know, simplifies setup.