Docker is not installed but it is showing in the nomad node status

nomad node status -self

ID = d20d69c4-5ea1-c14e-1f23-250e941523de

Name = dr-apm-db3

Class =

DC = dc1

Drain = false

Eligibility = eligible

Status = ready

CSI Controllers =

CSI Drivers =

Uptime = 285h28m23s

Host Volumes =

Host Networks =

CSI Volumes =

Driver Status = docker,exec,java,podman

Node Events

Time Subsystem Message

2024-03-02T12:17:29+05:30 Driver: docker Healthy

2024-03-02T12:17:29+05:30 Driver: podman ready

2024-02-28T11:09:24+05:30 Driver: docker Healthy

2024-02-28T11:09:17+05:30 Driver: podman ready

2024-02-28T10:44:46+05:30 Driver: podman disabled

2024-02-28T10:44:24+05:30 Driver: docker Failed to connect to docker daemon

2024-02-26T12:58:25+05:30 Driver: podman ready

2024-02-26T12:58:25+05:30 Driver: podman failed to fingerprint driver

2024-02-26T16:28:12+05:30 Driver: docker Healthy

2024-02-26T16:27:53+05:30 Driver: podman ready

Allocated Resources

CPU Memory Disk

10000/138852 MHz 10 GiB/252 GiB 300 MiB/3.4 TiB

Allocation Resource Utilization

CPU Memory

8/138852 MHz 8.5 GiB/252 GiB

Host Resource Utilization

CPU Memory Disk

105/138852 MHz 20 GiB/252 GiB (/dev/mapper/rhel-heal)


ID Node ID Task Group Version Desired Status Created Modified

b5d59138 d20d69c4 opensearch-235-coordinator 0 run running 4m48s ago 3m56s ago

dab5a1a8 d20d69c4 opensearch-235-datamisc 0 run failed 51m29s ago 22m48s ago

15c39267 d20d69c4 opensearch-235-master 0 run failed 1h6m ago 38m11s ago

a0e10d28 d20d69c4 opensearch-235-datakpi 0 run failed 1h11m ago 43m31s ago

a5a622da d20d69c4 opensearch-235-datatxn 0 run failed 1h22m ago 59m10s ago

a7d7948a d20d69c4 opensearch-235-datajim-node-2 0 run failed 1h27m ago 59m29s ago

002ebac7 d20d69c4 opensearch-235-datajim 0 run failed 1h28m ago 59m19s ago

aca0e747 d20d69c4 opensearch-235-coordinator 0 stop failed 1h33m ago 4m48s ago

has context menu

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Allocation Addresses:

Label Dynamic Address

*grafana_web yes → 3002

Task “grafana” is “dead”

Task Resources:

CPU Memory Disk Addresses

1000 MHz 2.0 GiB 300 MiB

Task Events:

Started At = 2024-03-04T08:22:21Z

Finished At = 2024-03-04T08:32:22Z

Total Restarts = 2

Last Restart = 2024-03-04T13:52:00+05:30

Recent Events:

Time Type Description

2024-03-04T14:02:22+05:30 Not Restarting Exceeded allowed attempts 2 in interval 30m0s and mode is “fail”

2024-03-04T14:02:22+05:30 Terminated Exit Code: 0, Exit Message: “Driver was unable to get the exit code. 9351edbffce04621cea8288b0dcb04bb225a4ec51a9497e138c87fb1d7c9eed7: No such Container”

2024-03-04T13:52:21+05:30 Started Task started by client

2024-03-04T13:52:00+05:30 Restarting Task restarting in 15.988155045s

2024-03-04T13:52:00+05:30 Terminated Exit Code: 0, Exit Message: “Driver was unable to get the exit code. fedf8c907018c9bcd0595b1507b6e32895d45d4ff09778a5964ac00935ff8d32: No such Container”

2024-03-04T13:41:44+05:30 Started Task started by client

2024-03-04T13:41:24+05:30 Restarting Task restarting in 15.97506989s

2024-03-04T13:41:24+05:30 Terminated Exit Code: 0, Exit Message: “Driver was unable to get the exit code. 673b0dffae9d6ed805fac491f68181011db3265e5c2db2fa2717ada415514d41: No such Container”

2024-03-04T13:33:42+05:30 Started Task started by client

2024-03-04T13:33:42+05:30 Task Setup Building Task Directory

Hi @harish.n,

Nomad will only look locally for the Docker process and API, could you confirm this is not available anywhere on the machine?

jrasell and the Nomad team