Docs links broken

I’m browsing:

First i notice the link cited in " * The Google Cloud Platform Community Slack #terraform channel" is 404 not found.

I went to the " Report an issue " link on the page to report this issue… but this page is also 404 Not found.

2 Dead ends to attempt to bring this to the attention of hashicorp to correct the documentation, so i figured i would post it here and hope the right person sees it

Hi @dwestness,

The “Report an Issue” link for me goes to the issues list in the Google Cloud Platform provider repository, which is what I would’ve expected. I’m not sure why for you it led to :thinking:

The original link you tried to follow, for the community Slack, is a part of the documentation of the provider, so that GitHub repository is indeed the best place to report it. I would suggest also mentioning that the link to the GitHub repository didn’t work for you; although that part isn’t directly part of the Google Cloud Platform provider (it’s built in to Terraform Registry), they may have a better idea of what happened and if not can at least past the feedback on to the Terraform Registry team.



After a re-visit to the page I now see the “Report an issue” link is pointing to the correct URL. I’m not sure what happened there.

I cannot find the reference documents on github referring the broken slack page in the wiki so i’m not sure how to report that broken link to anybody appororiately.