Documentation Bug

Hi all,

First off - apologies - I’ve no idea how I’m supposed to go about raising these issues.

I’ve just found what I believe to be an issue in the documentation for the azurerm provider when creating Service Bus Namespace DR Config.

In this URL:

There is the following in the example:

resource "azurerm_servicebus_namespace_disaster_recovery_config" "example" {
  name                 = "servicebus-alias-name"
  primary_namespace_id =
  partner_namespace_id =

I believe that the partner namespace azurerm_resource_group should actually be azurerm_servicebus_namespace

This is backed up by the documentation later on which states that partner_namespace_id is

The ID of the Service Bus Namespace to replicate to.

How do I go about raising this to have the resource type identifier corrected in the documentation? I noticed because (like a lot of people) - I copied, pasted and updated the example and then saw it blow up on a tf plan.