Does GitHub auth provider support nested teams?

I’m trying to setup GitHub auth for users in my organization. I have the following Team structure in GitHub:

├── Team-A
│   └── Bob
└── Team-B
    └── Sally

When I map a policy to both team-a and team-b it works, Bob and Sally authenticate and their sessions have the development-policy enabled.

vault write auth/github/map/teams/team-a value=development-policy
vault write auth/github/map/teams/team-b value=development-policy

I’d prefer to map all members under the Development team, including child members. The below mapping doesn’t work. Bob and Sally only receive the default policy when they sign in.

vault write auth/github/map/teams/development value=development-policy

Does the GitHub auth provider support nested team structures like in my example? Based on my experience it seems it does not. I couldn’t find anything in the documentation confirming my assumption.