Does Terraform Apply affect AWS ALB Listener Rules?

Hi folks,

I’ve inherited an environment setup by Terraform. I had to add some listener rules the other day via the AWS console and when I went back to my terraform working directory to reconcile my state I noticed that terraform only wanted to do an inplace update of the default action (i must have changed the order)

 module.elb.aws_lb_listener.portal will be updated in-place
  ~ resource "aws_lb_listener" "portal" {
        arn               = "*ARN*"
        certificate_arn   = "*ARN*"
        id                = "*ARN*"
        load_balancer_arn = "*ARN*"
        port              = 443
        protocol          = "HTTPS"
        ssl_policy        = "ELBSecurityPolicy-FS-1-2-Res-2020-10"
        tags              = {}
        tags_all          = {}

      ~ default_action {
            order            = 1
          ~ target_group_arn = "*ARN*" -> "*new ARN*"
            type             = "forward"

There are around 7 rules on that listener, and I’m wondering if I hit apply, they will all just be wiped?

Terraform version: 13
AWS Provider version: 4.21.0