Does Terraform has state management backend compatibility on Dell's ECS Object Storage?

We rely on Dell Apex and want to see if there is Terraform backend compatibility for Dell’s Object Storage (Dell ECS), same as AWS S3 & Azure Object Storage.

Basically, we want to manage our Terraform state backend on Dell ECS and want to see if it exists or how to begin if need to set it up.


Hi @yerneniv,

Terraform has no current support for that system. If it reimplements the protocol supported by one of the other supported systems then you may be able to make it work, but that will depend on how well the protocol was reimplemented.

If it doesn’t match exactly then you may encounter problems either now or in future versions of Terraform.

Hello @apparentlymart , I just found out the ECS is s3-compatable object storage.
Will this work for this case scenario?

I found this article that listed out for Terraform Enterprise: Operational Mode Requirements - Requirements - Terraform Enterprise | Terraform | HashiCorp Developer

If there is a separate documentation, please let me know and always really appreciate the reply here.

Hi @yerneniv,

The s3 backend is only officially supported with Amazon S3, but it will presumably work with ECS if that system is fully S3-compatible. In practice, systems that claim to be S3-compatible often implement only a subset of the S3 API, or have small differences that are nonetheless significant. I don’t have any experience with ECS, so I can’t comment on how well it reimplements the S3 API.

If you use Terraform’s s3 backend with ECS and encounter problems, you’ll need to discuss those problems with Dell rather than with Amazon or with HashiCorp, because it’s Dell’s responsibility to make sure their system is actually compatible enough with S3 for all S3 clients (including Terraform’s) to work with it.

Future versions of Terraform might use different parts of the Amazon S3 API and therefore might cease to be compatible with ECS if it does not correctly reimplement those parts. Therefore you’ll need to re-test compatibility with ECS each time you upgrade Terraform.

Hello @apparentlymart , regarding this use case for setting up the Dell’s Object Storage (With S3 compatibility), how should I create the backend configuration? Meaning what parameters HashiCorp provides us here to come up with the configuration?
Let me know which is the proper one from the list here: Backend Type: remote | Terraform | HashiCorp Developer