Dual vault servers upgrade vault to latest version

We have the Dual vault servers that unseal each-other with transit seal. We try to upgrade vault version 1.5.3 to latest version of vault(1.7.2)
I prepare below steps to upgrade. Please let me know if any mistake.

  1. Backup vault data before upgrade (Path: /xxx/vault).
  2. Shutdown vault service on the first vault server
  3. Rename /usr/bin/vault /usr/bin/vault_1.x.x
  4. cp -r vault /usr/bin/vault
  5. Type vault --version to check the version of vault.
  6. Start the vault server again.
  7. Type vault status to Check vault if it is automatically unseal from the other vault server successfully.
  8. Shutdown vault service on the secondary server
  9. Repeat step 4 to step 7.