Vault Upgrade Process with Integrated Storage and Auto-Unseal

Hi, I have a Vault Cluster with Integrated Storage and Auto-Unseal configured.
This cluster is running in VMware with Ubuntu 22.04 as host OS.
For now, it is running on version 1.14.0 and I wanted to upgrade it to latest 1.15.5.

Therefore, the normal upgrade procedure would be to replace the binary and reboot one node after the other. As I have Auto-Unseal in place, this failed miserably.
The Vault service will not start anymore as it is sealed after restart. Auto-Unseal is not working and unfortunately, I cannot unseal it.

I am relatively new to Vault. Has someone experiences with a scenario like this and might be able to help me out here?

Thanks in advance.

BR Lana

It sounds like the auto-unseal mechanism might not be correctly configured or recognized by the upgraded Vault version. Ensure that the auto-unseal configuration aligns with the new Vault version’s requirements and is accurately referenced in the Vault configuration file.



… and you can check if vault token used for the auto-unseal are still valids

Thank you both for your answers.
It was actually the Vault hosting Auto-Unseal. The issue is solved.