Duplicate paths in repo metadata for apt repository

When mirroring the apt repo for focal, synchronizations and attempts to download content fail with a duplicate path error for a specific version of the vagrant package.

When synchronizing content, the following error is generated:

Repository version errors : Path errors found. Paths are duplicated: pool/amd64/main/vagrant_2.3.6-1_amd64.deb

This error pulp/pulp_deb#727 arises when the metadata for the repository attempts to reuse the path reference, and is typically an issue with the upstream repository.

I checked the packages files for the repos, and am having trouble locating the problem path/line. Would y’all be able to take a look? For ease, this is a small script I wrote to check the files. I would expect to see it find two matches, but it doesn’t, and am curious if I am looking in the wrong place.


# Define the base URL of the repository

# Define the list of distributions
DISTRIBUTIONS=("focal" "jammy" "bionic")

# Create an associative array to hold all package paths
declare -A package_paths

# Loop through each distribution
for dist in "${DISTRIBUTIONS[@]}"; do
    echo "Processing distribution: $dist"

    # Fetch the Release file for the distribution
    # Parse the Release file to find the Packages file paths (gzip, bzip2, or uncompressed)
    PACKAGE_FILES=$(curl -sL "$RELEASE_FILE_URL" | grep -E "main/binary-amd64/Packages" | grep -v temp| awk '{print $3}')

    # Loop through each Packages file URL
    for package_file in $PACKAGE_FILES; do
        # Construct the full URL for the Packages file
        echo "Fetching package file: $PACKAGE_FILE_URL"
        # Determine the compression type based on file extension and process accordingly
        case "$PACKAGE_FILE_URL" in
            curl -s "$PACKAGE_FILE_URL" | gunzip | grep 'vagrant_2.3.6' ;;
            curl -s "$PACKAGE_FILE_URL" | bzip2 -d | grep 'vagrant_2.3.6';;
            curl -s "$PACKAGE_FILE_URL" | grep 'vagrant_2.3.6' ;;
        echo '-----'

I have also raised this issue here: Duplicate paths in repo metadata for apt repository · Issue #13305 · hashicorp/vagrant · GitHub

Thank you!