Dynamic resource allocations for parameterized jobs

Hello! Is it possible with a parameterized job/dispatch_job to override the resource requirements e.g. CPU/memory for individual invocations of the parameterized job? I’m not seeing an obvious way to accomplish this in the documentation but would appreciate verification from the community.


Hi, this might help Input Variables - HCL Configuration Language | Nomad by HashiCorp

afaik, the resources section doesn’t have a mechanism to override the values via input params.
What does come to mind is … “maybe it is possible using the new HCL2 syntax?”.

I haven’t played with HCL2 and Nomad files yet, so I could be completely wrong! :smiley:

Hi folks! Right now I don’t think this can be done with parameterized jobs, because the parameterization only impacts the dispatch payload and not the resources… I don’t think I see a way to do it even with HCL2.

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Thanks everyone for your responses!

Then, could levant be a viable solution for this? (I think it would)