EC2 Transit Gateway VPN Attachment

hi , I am creating a vpn attachment but i’m getting an error like this and i even add ec2 tag
ERROR Error: no matching EC2 Transit Gateway VPN Attachment found
` ERROR on line 55, in data “aws_ec2_transit_gateway_vpn_attachment” “vpn_attachment”:

Data block for VPN Attachment

data “aws_ec2_transit_gateway_vpn_attachment” “vpn_attachment” {
vpn_connection_id =
transit_gateway_id =

AWS EC2 Tag for VPN Attachment

resource “aws_ec2_tag” “vpn_attachment_tag” {
resource_id = aws_vpn_connection.vpn_connection.transit_gateway_attachment_id
key = “name”
value = “EC2 Transit Gateway VPN Attachment”

I’m getting this same error as well. My problem is I’m switching from a VGW to a TGW and Terraform seems to be getting confused.