Error: Capture validation failed: error querying target agent

I am new to HCP and I have Created a Consul server cluster in a HashiCorp Virtual Network, established a peering connection, and deployed clients. I’m trying to fetch the metrics from the Consul server with API Get “http://x.x.x.x:8500/v1/agent/self” which gives the “i/o timeout” error.
I am assuming that the issue is with port 8500 which needs to be opened on the Consul server-side. Can someone please help me with this error, If it’s a port issue or something else that we need to provide in the config?
If it’s a port issue can someone guide me on how to open the port on the HCP consul server?

:thinking: I am not certain about this one. But you can email with your details. They can help with your HCP cluster.