Problem with HCP Consul on EKS

Hey guys,

I’m having a little problem with the official documentation.
Everything works fine until I launch the helm install consul.
I’ve followed every step and I’m getting this error on Consul mesh gateway:

Error retrieving CA roots from Consul: err="Get “https://hcp-consul-primary.private.consul.*****************”: dial tcp ********:443: i/o timeout

Also none of the consul pods are actually ready.

Could anyone help me please


One of the prerequisites for this guide is to ensure the VPC in which you deploy your EKS cluster is peered to the HVN (VPC) where the HCP Consul instance resides.

It appears your VPC may not have network connectivity to the private address space of HCP Consul. To establish this you can follow this guide.

An alternative would be to use the public URL (if enabled) for your HCP Consul instance and configure that as the export RETRY_JOIN= value instead of the private address when following the guide.

Hopefully this is helpful.