Install and deploy consul application on eks

I am new to Consul application.its really nice application.
I am trying to install/deploy/consul application in aws eks
i have followed the link

i have created one master cluster with 3 nodes in aws eks.
and one workernode connecting to the master cluster for installing consul and want to see api level access.

its all working but when i run
kubectl get pods
test-consul-server-0 0/1 Pending 0 10m

looks like kubernatees pods are not installing properly ,is there anything configuration missing.please advise
i want to test those consul server installed using api,please let me know.
do i need to configure anything else.

Could you please point me any documents/link

Hi @spcloud,

Welcome to the forums, and thank you for posting!

  • Do you have a custom values.yml file that you used to deploy the helm chart with, or are you using the guide’s file?

  • Can you do a describe on the failing pod? What’s the output?

  • Have you installed this helm chart multiple times? If so, you may want to run kubectl describe pvc on the pvc created by the server. It may be a previous PVC is made and hasn’t been cleaned up. Helm doesn’t clean up PVCs automatically.

Once the Consul server pod comes up, you should be able to do port forwarding to access the servers.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

First of all,thank you very much for your kind response.
I have done very basic setup as per the guides file.
and values.yaml also same as per the guide.

kubectl cluster-info dump
i got the output saying “no nodes available to schedule pods”
Looks like worker node was not joining eks.

here is one link i found related to this

then i have created nodegroup inside eks main cluster then looks like its running .

Now if i need to access api what is the best curl url to do that inside eks
/v1/agent/services. ?
thanks again for the support.

It will be great if we get sample consul instlation with aws eks cluster and workernode cloudformation or terraform ,there are application but old kubernatees version.


FYI I’ve had good success using eksctl to set up clusters on EKS. Now that you’ve got your worker nodes have you followed the guide again? Are all your Consul pods in Running status?

To test the Consul API you can follow the instructions to view the UI (which under the hood uses the API) in the learn guide: