Error creating VM ESXi standalone

Hello. New Terraform user. I’m trying to create a VM on a standalone ESXi host (no vCenter, using trial license, not free). When I apply the plan I get the following error:

vsphere_virtual_machine.esxitest2: Creating...

Error: this operation is only supported on vCenter: RESOURCE (26), ACTION (PolicyIDByVirtualMachine)

  on line 29, in resource "vsphere_virtual_machine" "esxitest2":
  29: resource "vsphere_virtual_machine" "esxitest2" {

The VM does seem to get created in ESXi, so is this error nothing to worry about? Is there anyway to get rid of it? My OCD is kicking in…

@mikeassel Please let me know if you fixed it,issue starts when we are using vsphere provider from 1.16 and above,if we stick to provider 1.15 you dont see issue but again if you are using features from 1.16-1.18 we have success but ends with this error.

Please let me know if you have fix for this.


Never found a fix. I’m not expecting to see ESXi standalone in production, so I’m not really concerned about this.