Error: Error modifying FMS Policy Rule: InternalErrorException

When we are trying to update the wafv2 firewall policy we are getting below error message while applying.

Error: Error modifying FMS Policy Rule: InternalErrorException: 
│   with module.FirewallManger_WAFv2_Prod_Policy.aws_fms_policy.wafv2_policy,
│   on ../../../TerraformModules/fm_policies/ line 8, in resource "aws_fms_policy" "wafv2_policy":
│    8: resource "aws_fms_policy" "wafv2_policy" {

in the file the code is as given below:

resource "aws_fms_policy" "wafv2_policy" {

  name                  = var.wafv2_policy_name

  exclude_resource_tags = var.exclude_resource_tags

  remediation_enabled   = var.remediation_enabled

  resource_type_list    = [var.wafv2_resource_type_list]

  include_map {

    account   = var.aws_account_ids


  security_service_policy_data {

    type = service_type

    managed_service_data = service_data



Terraform version 1.1.0
AWS provider version 3.7.20

The same policy and resource code are working till last week. Suddenly it started failing. Any help on the above is highly appreciated.

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I am getting same issue as well on one of the policy that was working fine few weeks back.
Terraform v1.1.7
on windows_386

Error: error updating FMS Policy (a73353fb-8288-49ee-b36c-0803b48ace85): InternalErrorException: │ │ with aws_fms_policy.xxxxxx, │ on line 1, in resource "aws_fms_policy" "xxxxxxx": │ 1: resource "aws_fms_policy" "xxxxxxxxx" {

Hi all, thank you for reporting this issue. A fix has been implemented to retry on this system error returned from the AWS API (internal/conns: add retry handling for `InternalErrorException` when calling FMS `PutPolicy` by anGie44 · Pull Request #23952 · hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws · GitHub). This will likely land in next week’s release of the Terraform AWS Provider (v4.9.0)