Error: Failed to initialize build "amazon-ebs"

I’m creating AMI through Github Actions and using latest Packer (1.10.1), it is failing with
Error: Failed to initialize build “amazon-ebs”
The builder amazon-ebs is unknown by Packer, and is likely part of a plugin that is not installed.
You may find the needed plugin along with installation instructions documented
on the Packer integrations page.

Hi @Mani026,

This means you have to install the plugins you’re using, this was not necessary until Packer 1.10 for a subset of plugins which we bundled with Packer itself, but are now removed (refer to this issue for more info). With this change, you’ll now have to install the plugins you want to use for running your builds.

I don’t see it in your quotes, but iirc Packer gives you a link to our documentation to do this, have you taken a look at the plugin’s installation instructions? Typically, you can install them through the packer init or packer plugins install subcommands.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @lbajolet-hashicorp ,

Adding “packer plugins install” resolved initializing error.
Now, it is stuck with this different error
Build ‘amazon-ebs’ errored after 844 microseconds: error validating regions: MissingEndpoint: ‘Endpoint’ configuration is required for this service