Error in terragrunt.hcl

Hi there, I’m facing this error " Only one terraform block is allowed. Another was defined at /tfconfig/terragrunt.hcl:60,2-11."

[terragrunt] 2020/11/05 09:59:32 Unable to determine underlying exit code, so Terragrunt will exit with error code 1

Hi @chinna98!

Terragrunt is a third-party tool built by Gruntwork, Inc and so I’m not sure if folks reading this forum will necessarily be familiar with it. If anyone who is reading this does know the answer then please do feel free to comment! But I also wanted to mention the Terragrunt Support page which identifies a few other ways to ask for help with Terragrunt.

I’m not very familiar with Terragrunt myself, but I am familiar with the configuration language framework it uses and so I recognize that error message as what happens when a particular block type is defined to expect zero or one blocks but you’ve written more than one. You may need to merge the contents of your second terraform block into the first one on line 60.

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Thank you @apparentlymart