Vague error after upgrading to 1.2.3

I am receiving a very strange error after upgrading from 0.13 to 1.2.3 in just one of my environments. I am using the terragrunt wrapper and have 4 ends (dev, qa, staging, prod). Dev is the only one broken. I have my code split into modules as well if that helps. Here is the error when running a terragrunt plan/init/apply from any module in dev

tg plan                       ~/BO_Repos/buildhero-infra/config/dev/us-east-1/dev/svcs-ecs
WARN[0000] No double-slash (//) found in source URL /Users/username/BO_Repos/buildhero-infra/modules/svcs-ecs. Relative paths in downloaded Terraform code may not work.

ERRO[0004] json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field Statement.Statement.Resource of type []string

ERRO[0004] Unable to determine underlying exit code, so Terragrunt will exit with error code 1

any thoughts anyone?

Hi @adamholden,

Unfortunately these items are presented in a way that isn’t familiar to me and so I guess these messages are being generated or reformatted by something other than Terraform itself, but I can’t be sure what exactly is generating it and so I’m not certain about what these errors might mean.

One part of this which is familiar to me is that Statement.Statement.Resource looks like it might be a path through elements of an AWS IAM policy document, in which case it seems like it might be an error from the AWS provider. Did you upgrade the AWS provider at the same time as you upgraded Terraform CLI?