Error: Incompatible provider version|

Error: Incompatible provider version
│ Provider []( v1.9.0 does not have a package available for your current platform, darwin_arm64.
│ Provider releases are separate from Terraform CLI releases, so not all providers are available for all platforms. Other versions of this provider may have different platforms
│ supported.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Also I was checking here seems there is no binaries for myqsl 1.9.0. Will these be available sometime soon for darwin/arm64?

No, they will never be available.

This provider is no longer developed and is not published to the Terraform Registry. See GitHub - hashicorp/terraform-provider-mysql: Terraform MySQL provider – This Terraform provider is archived per our provider archiving process:

Appreciate maxb for details.
Is there a reason for no more release for darwin/arm64?
Do you think will there be any release for darwin/arm64 ?
As I see many issues coming up when changes are happening from chipset changes ( Intel Mac to Apple Silicon M1)


if I compile the package, how can I upload to registry.terraform.providers or pull it . Can you provide any procedure/process?

Did you follow/read the link I posted? There are no releases for darwin/arm64 because there are no more releases at all for any platform.

HashiCorp have ended support, and there are a variety of unofficial forks on GitHub, of which seems to have had activity most recently.