Error initializing: Error making API request while installing

Currently I’m installing vault (hashicorp/vault 0.20.1 1.10.3 ) I’m unable to initialize vault-0 if I do that below error is coming.
Error initializing: Error making API request.

Code: 400. Errors:

  • Vault is already initialized
    command terminated with exit code 2

If I skip this step next step is to display unseal key using jq command in cluster-keys.json but it should return unseal key but it is not returning

Can anyone help me on this issue

What backend are you using for Vault? Post your values.yaml file please.

Thanks for replying,
I’m using filesystem currently I’m installing vault on my pc

Check your storage, it’s possible that the directory you gave it exists and it has no permission or it’s a file that should be a directory? You can also increase the log level of vault to debug to give you more information.