Issue initializing


Im using the last version of Vault and I’m having a very wierd issue, I launched a server basicily with " vault server -config=config.hcl."

My config.hcl is a basic one :
storage “raft” {
path = “./vault/data”
node_id = “node1”

listener “tcp” {
address = “”
tls_disable = “true”

disable_mlock = true

api_addr = “
cluster_addr = “
ui = true

So I don’t think the issue is coming from there.

Okay so there everything is fine BUT after opening a new terminal if I try the command : vault operator init
to initialize the server I have this error message :
failed to get token helper: read /home/outscale/.vault: is a directory
Moreover, I have this error message with every other " vault " command so I don’t know what to do.

I used a server yesterday and removed everything like explained in the tutorial ( Deploy Vault | Vault - HashiCorp Learn ) with the commands :
pgrep -f vault | xargs kill rm -r ./vault/data
Thanks a lot if you have an anwser for this problem and have a good day :slight_smile:

Okay I found the problem it’s really stupid I created a wrong directory named “.vault” and I didn’t saw it so when I was initializing the server it went for this directory and not for the “vault” sorry for this stupid question.

Hey @Hanska!
No problem at all! No question is a stupid question.
Any question is always welcome! :smile:

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