"Error loading provider: Error: No provider versions found" on Published Provider


We are trying to publish our terraform provider under: SolaceProducts/terraform-provider-solacebroker.


We followed the steps listed here:

The page here says it is published but upon clicking on it the following error appear: 'Error loading provider: Error: No provider versions found" which can be seen here.


Looking at the GitHub repository the webhook was not made and reading the FAQ the answer is to resync the repository. However, since the page is blank with only the error message, there is no option to press the resync button. The artifacts were created under the release and signed with the GPG key.

What can be done?

Appreciate any help this.

Hi @aman.riat :wave: Thank you for raising this topic and sorry you are running into trouble here. Looking at your GitHub repository, it is not immediately obvious why this might be occurring so my best recommendation would be to follow the support instructions at the bottom of the publishing documentation.

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Thank you for the quick reply! We have reached out to terraform registry support just hoping we could try something else in the meantime.

@aman.riat Would you please share the root cause for us or everyone in community?


Had identical issue, finally sent a support request to terraform-registry@hashicorp.com and in a few days received a reply:

“I will delete this provider for you, and then you can publish it again. You can only publish the provider if you have sufficient GitHub permissions to create webhooks on the repository.”

After that everything went as expected.