Error occurred during a database lookup

Describe the bug
sorry, if I have posted to a wrong location. from a clean installation, windows localhost, then docker on a VM. I did waypoint.exe install --platform=docker -accept-tos, but it gave an error…

$ waypoint.exe install --platform=docker -accept-tos
-> Initializing Docker client...
-> Checking for existing installation...
! Error installing server into docker: error during connect: Get
  dial tcp: lookup jeanepaul@ getaddrinfow: A non-recoverable
  error occurred during a database lookup.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. windows machine + docker toolbox
  2. follow instructions here
  3. and execute waypoint.exe install --platform=docker -accept-tos

Expected behavior
from the installation instructions, I should get some message like this

✓ Server container started
Waypoint server successfully installed and configured!

is there any steps I missed? thank you!

Hey @Hokutosei! Sorry you ran into a bug, that looks to be an issue to me. I recommend opening an issue on GitHub and we’ll be able to take a look! I also recommend including a debug gist from running the same command with a -vvv. Thank you!

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@briancain hey thank you!, looking forward

@briancain sorry to bother you up, any updates on this? :smiley: btw, I already created the issue in Error occurred during a database lookup · Issue #937 · hashicorp/waypoint ( just incase, thank you!