Docker waypoint install fails

waypoint install -platform=docker -accept-tos fails with an error: ! Error connecting to server: context deadline exceeded
docker logs show:
2020-11-02T23:47:47.708Z [INFO] waypoint.server: opening DB: path=/data/data.db ! Error initializing server: context deadline exceeded 2020-11-02T23:47:57.792Z [INFO] waypoint.server: gracefully closing db: path=/data/data.db 2020-11-02T23:47:57.792Z [TRACE] waypoint: stopping signal listeners and cancelling the context

I ran into this problem recently and the solution for me was that a docker volume for waypoint-server was lingering around from a previous install.

docker volume ls | grep waypoint
docker volume rm waypoint-server

Then try installing again.


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