Cannot relaunch a new Waypoint server

Hi everyone ,

After having several issues i tried to delete the waypoint server to launch a bran new one.
However i’m facing the following issue :

$ waypoint install -platform=docker -accept-tos
Detected existing Waypoint server.
Retrieving initial auth token…
Error getting the initial token: server is already bootstrapped
The Waypoint server has been deployed, but due to this error we were
unable to automatically configure the local CLI or the Waypoint server
advertise address. You must do this manually using “waypoint context”
and “waypoint server config-set”.

$ waypoint context list
No contexts. Create one with waypoint context create.

Any ideas ?

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What may have happened is that you could be using the Docker Volume from the prior deployment. I recommend following the steps in Troubleshooting docs to delete everything from Docker related to Waypoint and trying the installation again. The commands I use are:

docker stop waypoint-server
docker rm waypoint-server
docker volume rm waypoint-server

Great ! i was missing the

docker volume rm waypoint-server

Much better now !

Thanks @jbayer