Error response with multiple errors

Hi Team :slight_smile:

We have a use case where we need to return multiple error messages in the response and we see in the documentation that Vault returns an array of strings-

How can I use it? can you supply an example of how to return multiple error messages?


Any Idea? Can someone assist?

Hi @naama-ibm are you building a plugin for Vault?

In my day-to-day usage I’ve generally only seen single valued error messages such as “missing client token” and “invalid request” otherwise I’d point you to an example if I knew of one.

Hi @jeffsanicola, we are enriching Vault and adding more plugins

Thank you for your response, I also didn’t find any example of multiple error messages but since the docs shows it support that then I’m confused.

Do you know who else could know?

I’m not sure who the official HashiCorp team is on here, hopefully one of them sees and responds.

Otherwise opening a GitHub issue or if you have enterprise support then open a case for assistance would probably be the best course of action.