Error saving auth token to system credential store: Unsupported platform: freebsd

Following Hashicorp’s Boundary tutorial, and got the Controller running in dev mode in a jail.

Tried to run the tutorial connection to first target using the following command:

./boundary authenticate password -auth-method-id=ampw_1234567890 -login-name=admin -password=password

And received this error:

Error reading auth token from system credential store: Unsupported platform: freebsd

Is it a different problem than this:

Hey there, thanks for opening this. On linux distributions, Boundary relies in dbus and gnome keyring to store the auth token when authenticating on the CLI. The resolution mentioned in is still your best bet, or you can save the token manually and set it in your shell with BOUNDARY_TOKEN or pass the -token flag to subsequent commands.

Hey everyone, we’re actually refactoring how we handle our authentication token storage in this PR: or if you’d like to download a binary from this branch, we have one here as well

We’re looking for feedback on this PR, so please feel free to build from source and take it for a test drive. Thank you!

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Is there a precompiled FreeBSD binary for PR731?

-token parameter works!

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