Error when create a VaultStaticSecret

Hello HashiCorp Vault community,

I have a vault installed on a Kubernetes cluster on Google (GCP) and I am trying to inject a secret into my application using the vault-secrets-operator.

I have the “VaultConnection” and “vauthAuth” created with kubernetes authentication and it shows up in the operator pod as accepted.

When I go to create a VaultStaticSecret and VaultDynamicSecret I have got the following error in the operator POD:

Observed a panic in reconciler: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference {“controller”: “vaultdynamicsecret”, “controllerGroup”: “secrets.hashicorp. com”, “controllerKind”: “VaultDynamicSecret”, “VaultDynamicSecret”: {“name”: “vso-db-demo-create”, “namespace”: “demo-ns”}, “namespace”: “demo-ns”, “name”: “vso-db-demo-create”, “reconcileID”: “8d923ac1-52ed-4e82-b8c0-17637f3b22c7”}

Can anyone help me to know what I have configured incorrectly?
This is the yaml:

kind: VaultStaticSecret
  namespace: demo-ns
  name: vso-example
  vaultAuthRef: k8s-auth
  mount: kvv2
  type: kv-v2
  path: secret/web
  version: 2
  refreshAfter: 30s
    create: true
    name: web

Best regards.