Error while installing hashicorp/autoscaling: provider registry( 0.13.4)

Hi All,

Initializing provider plugins.. ( i am getting below error).
Finding latest version of hashicorp/autoscaling…

Error while installing hashicorp/autoscaling: provider registry in terrafrom version 0.13.4.

Hi @selvakann,

I don’t see any provider named “autoscaling” in the HashiCorp namespace in the Terraform registry, so this error seems to be correct. Can you say a little more about what you had expected to happen here? It might help to share your current configuration, too.

Hi Apparentlymart,

I am trying to create autoscaling group with terrafrom (0.13.4).
if i removed autosacling group in code then working fine without any error.


Since you haven’t mentioned which cloud system you are working with I’m going to guess AWS just because “autoscaling group” seems like AWS terminology, whereas other vendors use different terminology like “scaling set”.

Given that, I expect probably what’s going on here is that you’ve written an incorrect resource name in your configuration somewhere. For example you might’ve written something like this:

resource "autoscaling_group" "example" {

The correct name of the resource type for an AWS autoscaling group is aws_autoscaling_group, so you would need to declare it like this instead:

resource "aws_autoscaling_group" "example" {

Terraform is currently trying to find a provider named hashicorp/autoscaling because there’s no other clue in your configuration about what provider autoscaling_group might belong to, and defaulting to the HashiCorp namespace is a backward-compatibility behavior for configurations written for older versions of Terraform from before there was such a thing as a community provider.

If you switch to using aws_autoscaling_group then Terraform will instead assume you mean hashicorp/aws, which is a provider that exists and so it should succeed. You can also, optionally, make it explicit by adding provider requirements to your module:

terraform {
  required_providers {
    aws = {
      source = "hashicorp/aws"

The above declaration says: when I say “aws” inside this module, I mean the provider hashicorp/aws.